Visit by Professor Jeremy Simpson

On 13 February 2020, ISCT hosted Professor Jeremy Simpson, attended by Year 10-13 Science students on the topic: “Toxins of the world: deadly killers or a cure for cancer?” which was coordinated by International Education Abroad

Professor Jeremy Simpson is a Full Professor of Cell Biology at the University College, Dublin in Ireland. He carried out his PhD work at the University of Warwick (UK), working on trafficking of protein toxins in mammalian cells and after post-doctoral work at the Scripps Research Institute in San Diego (USA) and was awarded a long term EMBO fellowship allowing him to move to the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg (Germany). For over 9 years he worked at EMBL developing and applying novel high-throughput imaging approaches to study protein localisation and membrane traffic in mammalian cells.

His lab currently applies high-throughput imaging technologies to study subcellular transport pathways and human diseases associated with their function, as well as the internalisation routes taken by synthetic nanoparticles as potential drug delivery vehicles. His lab also develops novel approaches for image analysis. He has authored over 100 peer-reviewed articles, including articles in Nature Cell Biology, Nature Methods, Nature Communications and a number of book chapters.

Science IGCSE, AS and A Level students were afforded the opportunity to see Professor Jememy Simpson in action to give them a “taste” of what it would be like to be in one of his lectures. His passion was clearly evident in the work he had presented and we hope that will in turn ignite passion for the sciences in the students who participated.

Should you wish to learn more about Professor Simpson’s work, both past, and present, please feel free to look him up on the link below: