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Our Cambridge IGCSE Extended curriculum opens doors to higher education locally and around the world.

Cambridge curriculum
key stages 1-3 | IGCSE | A levels

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    • The International School of Cape Town: A Launchpad to World-Renowned Universities

      Education is a powerful tool that can unlock doors to boundless opportunities. At the International School of Cape Town (ISCT), students are not only provided with a top-notch international education but are also given the keys to pursue their dreams at some of the world’s most prestigious universities. Today, we celebrate the remarkable success of…

    • Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence in Education at the International School of Cape Town

      As we celebrate the International School of Cape Town’s 25th birthday this year, I am filled with immense pride and gratitude for the incredible journey we have been on as a school and as a community. Over the past quarter-century, our school has grown and flourished, becoming a beacon of educational excellence in South Africa…

    • ISCT 25 Year Celebration

      2023 is a special year for the ISCT community. I am sure many of you have seen our email signatures, flags and banners proclaiming our 25th anniversary. It is something we are very proud of – especially as it gives us reason to pause and take stock of all that has been built in the…