Scientific enquiry is a large part of the Key Stage 3 Science curriculum. The skills required are honed by doing the Science Expo in Years 8 and 9.

Students select a topic of interest in January, prepare a hypothesis, collect measurements, and present their results as a report and a poster in July. This year the students also partook in Google Meet interviews about their projects. The entire Science Expo process helps prepare our students for IGCSE Science courses in Key Stage 4 and for further study.
The ISCT 2021 Science Expo had 57 participants that produced such high-quality reports that we broke from tradition and awarded seven gold medals, four silver medals (with two partnerships), and 11 bronze medals. We congratulate all the Science Expo participants, and especially our award winners, as noted below.


  • Year 9 – Cara-Claire J, Daniel T, Dean A, Ellery C,  Samora L
  • Year 8 – Matida C, Jemma T


  • Year 9 – Joseph G, Maximillian M, Retaya G, Ruby P, Willow S
  • Year 8 – Hannah C


  • Year 9 – Avumile M, Charity B, Imraan I, Isabella P, Kiera S, Seoeun P 
  • Year 8 – Amina M, Bojanala S, Charlotte B, Milan N, Nicholas R

Additionally, seven students made Eskom Expo submissions. We wish Andre D, Jemma R, Matida C, Retaya G, Ruby P, Samora L and SeoEun P all the best for this regional Science Expo.