Woodland Heights

For all admission enquiries please contact:
Bronwyn Ralph – admissions@isct.co.za
021-763 5300

Welcome to Woodland Heights, the original ISCT campus. Home to Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6) and High School (Years 7-12/13). 

Built in the 1920s, many of Woodland Heights’ beautiful features can still be seen around the building. Some say it reminds them of Hogwarts—minus the moving staircases of course! That said, there’s definitely magic in the air…  

ISCT has called Woodland Heights home since 2002. In 2016, following a significant growth spurt, Key Stage 1 moved to their very own home up the road: Struben House. 

The terraced gardens are where you’ll find children playing during break, as well as the younger students taking part in extracurricular activities. As for the older students, they have access to off-campus facilities in the area for sports practice and matches.