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Below is our directory of need-to-know information for parents.

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About ISCT
2024 – ISCT Fee Schedule
ISCT Tech Levy – 2024
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2023 ISCT Calendar
2024 ISCT Calendar


Struben House Handbook
High School Handbook


Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
Global Safeguarding Policy
Special Educational Needs Policy
ISCT Whistleblowing Policy
ISCT Disciplinary Code Policy

ISCT Student Code of Conduct – November 2022

ISCT Acceptable Use Policy – January 2023
ISCT Transformation & Diversity Policy – November 2022
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ISCT First Aid Policy Key Stage 1
ISCT First Aid Procedure Key Stage 2
ISCT Off-Site First Aid Policy
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ISCT Assembly Policy May 2016
ISCT Bullying and Peer on Peer Abuse Policy – November 2021
ISCT Disciplinary Framework – November 2021
ISCT Policy on Substance Abuse
ISCT Religious Policy
ISCT Parent Liaison Group Constitution
ISCT Policy on the handling of concerns and complaints


All information relating to school uniforms can be found here. You can also contact Maureen Pitt directly via email –

Uniform ordering process

Our uniform shop is a sample shop only, as stock is held by our supplier, Pitt Promotions. Appointments for fittings can be made by contacting Maureen at Orders are placed online with the supplier.

  • Fittings can be arranged by appointment if necessary — this can be done by contacting Maureen.
  • Once sizes have been decided upon, orders are placed online at An order confirmation is sent out automatically with the order number.
  • Please ensure that the order number is used as the payment reference – and not child’s name or par- ent’s name or “uniform” as the reference.
  • Current Parents – please ensure that your child’s Year group is added to the order in full, as uniforms will be delivered to them, in class.
  • Order will be processed and delivered to ISCT (to the campus of your choice) for parents to pick up. You will be informed via email or text when your order is ready.

Nearly New Uniform Shop

The Nearly-New Uniform Shop has good quality uniforms, in almost all sizes, at 50% off. All proceeds go to the PLG budget for projects that benefit the school. Donating your used uniforms is an easy and environmentally-friendly way to raise valuable funds! 

From Term 3, our uniform shop will have new opening hours. Every Thursday, the shop will open from 13h00 – 15h30 for buying secondhand items, new uniform fittings and collection of orders. During the first and last weeks of every term, the shop will also open on Mondays from 13h00 – 15h30. As well as these regular times, during November and before the start of Term 1 in January, we will open on additional days for longer periods of time. Watch this space for details!
For fittings and sales email Anthea at:


Please click on the relevant link to see what stationery your child needs for the 2024 school year.

The list suggests stationery required for the whole academic year. Please reduce quantities according to your judgement and buy accordingly if you are joining the school at a different time other than January

Key Stage One
Year 1
Year 2

Key Stage Two
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6

Key Stage Three
Year 7 – 9

Key Stage Four & Five
Year 10 -13

Extracurricular Activities

Struben House

Sign up for these activities will be via Parent Portal at the beginning of term 1.  Please note that you may only sign your child up for 1 activity per day. Please contact if you have any questions.

To see the most up-to-date details about our programme, please click on the links below.


Once you have signed up, your child’s Extra-Curricular Activities can be viewed in the Parent Portal.

Please fetch your KS2 child from the KS2 Playground after their ECAs. ISCT-led activities finish at 3:15. 

High School