ISCT Reaches Out

We take social outreach very seriously. In addition to the scholarships awarded by the Bursary Trust in Year 8 every year, both the Primary and the High School have a number of projects they participate in annually. These are driven either by the PTA and the students themselves.


For a number of years the PTA and ISCT partnered with Zerilda Park Primary through Kidz2Kidz Trust. Have a look at the video put together by Kidz2Kidz Trust about their blanket drive—of which we were a part!

More recently, we have been pleased to support Vuvu’s Kitchen – an NGO run by our very own Woodland Heights receptionist, Ms Funani. Students and parents have participated in a number of drives and donations throughout the year, including weekly fresh food donations that have enabled the organisation to double the number of meals they have provided for children of the community of Nyanga.