ISCT NEWS – 27 February 2020

I walked around both campuses recently and have been hugely encouraged at the way the school is growing and how it is developing. This letter will show you some of what has been happening, but it cannot cover the wonderful, positive feel that we are experiencing at present. Thank you to all our stakeholders, parents, students and staff who are playing such a critical part in this!

Woodland Heights car park: Please note that the “dust bowl area” outside the Woodland Heights campus is to receive a facelift over the next few days. We have contacted the same team doing the Astroturf to level off the uneven surface and then to put down a base-course which will then be compacted. As luck would have it, we are scheduled to have the intense wind in the next few days but I suppose this is all part of the good planning. Please take note that the car park will be unavailable over this period but please be patient while we make this long-term improvement.

The Astroturf project is on schedule and the civil engineering works and fencing should be completed in the next few days. Thereafter, the Astroturf surface itself will be laid on the prepared surface, and we trust this will all be completed before the end of this term. We have scheduled to celebrate the opening of this new facility on April 9th (The Thursday before the Easter weekend) to coincide with the annual Big Walk. More
details of this event will be made available closer to the time as well as through the PTA newsletter.

– David Hunter, Principal