Key Stage Two

January 2021 Online learning

  • Follow your class daily timetable 
  • Google Meet live videos for every lesson
  • Resources and materials shared via Google Classroom (or Seesaw for Year 3 in Term 1)

7:45-8:00 Registration

8:00-10:00 Morning lessons

10:00-10:30 First break

10:30-12:30 Mid-morning lessons

12:30-13:00 Second break

13:00-14:00 Afternoon lesson

14:00-14:15  End of day class wrap-up

Live video lessons:

  • Camera on unless your teacher says you can turn it off
  • Microphone muted unless your teacher asks for answers or discussions in breakout rooms
  • Use the ‘raise hand’ icon if you have a question
  • Typing comments in the chat should follow your teacher’s guidelines. No spam or social chats during lesson time.
  • Teachers will allocate screen breaks during the course of the day.


All children at school every day – no alternating days.
Lessons will take place face-to-face with as few venue changes as possible.
Children to wear a cloth face mask – name labeled; snug fit; easy to adjust/tie; bring spares in labeled ziplock bag
Correct school uniform whenever possible. Non-uniform items must be neat and appropriate, and in school colours where possible. 
Online option only available for health reasons. Please request permission by contacting your class teacher and Key Stage Head.  
Please don’t send your child to school if unwell. 
If your child will be at home for a few days (such as quarantine) but is well enough to do school work, please let the class teacher know. Online learning cannot be made available for same-day requests as there is preparation involved from all subject teachers but we will try to provide some/all online lessons with video from the second day of quarantine. 

KS2 students must have:

  • Cloth face mask ( + spares)
  • Own hand sanitiser for break times
  • Headphones
  • Stationery in wipeable container

Morning drop off and health check – 7:15 – 7:40

  • Registration 7:45

Afternoon Pick-Up (staggered):

Monday to Thursday:

  • Year 5 & 6  – 14:10 
  • Year 3 & 4  – 14:15 


  • Year 5 & 6 – 13:30 
  • Year 3 & 4 – 13:35

Children may wait at the classroom of their KS2 sibling with a LATER finish time in order to come out together.

Please don’t block the driveway system waiting for a later sibling: Park in the upper parking area (‘dustbowl’). 


We would like children to wear school uniform whenever possible – either formal or sports kit. Sports kit must be worn on PE days. Clothing items must be washed after each school day, so if necessary neat civvies may be worn. Please try to stick to school colours. Closed shoes/trainers must be worn. Jewellery and hair rules remain in place.


All children will be taught at school each day.

Classroom furniture has been rearranged to ensure a safe distance between children, with screens to separate children facing each other at a shared table. 

Children must continue to bring their mini whiteboard, own reading book, and other quiet activities to school as we will avoid using classroom games during rainy break times. These may be stored in lockers where relevant. 

The teachers will use a combination of digital/electronic and physical resources based on the nature of the lesson. Some work will continue to be shared via Google Classroom. Many resources will still require iPads and headphones. Please ensure your child has their headphones and padlock for iPad locker. Padlock for Year 4-6.

Stationery may not be borrowed or shared, and should be stored in a labelled plastic container that can be easily wiped.


If your family needs to quarantine, we will make video lessons & online learning available wherever possible. If you will have load shedding please contact the class teacher before the day’s lessons start to arrange for recordings to be made of lessons. Live video sessions will be run using the Google Meet app. Your child must sign in using their school account. 

Children working at home must have a quiet space and be ready to work. Mics must be muted unless the teacher requests otherwise.

Please be patient if the class teacher adapts the timetable to best suit the needs of the children physically present in the classroom.


Children must bring in own packed lunch and water bottles. Adults on duty will help to control physical distancing, along with markings and signage to remind children of rules.We do not line up at the end of break but rather use specific entrances in a one-way system to avoid queues. 

When the iCafe (tuckshop) re-opens, there will be no queueing for purchases allowed. Food must be pre-ordered. Children will collect pre-orders from the delivery point on the KS2 playground. 

Extra-Curricular Activities

We are cautiously incorporating extracurricular activities into the timetable for this term with a streamlined selection of school-led enrichment activities. These will start in the week beginning 22 February, and will run for four weeks.  

We hope to be able to add more options and have private ECAs as the year progresses. 

Enrichment Activities in Term 1 will work differently to our ‘old’ programme of ECAs.

  • KS2 Enrichment Activities will take place once a week and will form part of an extended school day (until 15:15). 
  • We aim to keep children in their class ‘bubble’ and reduce the number of different venues that children need to move between. Coaches and teachers will use the classroom or outdoor spaces. 
  • There will NOT be a sign-up for these activities – the whole class will participate in the same activity. 

Extended school day for enrichment activities (23 Feb – 18 March) 


Year 3 & Year 5 – Tuesdays

Year 4 & Year 6 – Thursdays

Children will be expected to stay for this extended school day each week. 

We understand that there may be clashes with external enrichment activities that have already been booked and paid for. If your child is not able to stay later on their class day due to a pre-arranged external activity, please let your class teacher know as soon as possible.  

 Weeks beginning 22 Feb, 1 March, 8 March, 15 March:



From 22 February we will offer an Aftercare with limited spaces. You will need to book a spot for your child via the ECA tab in the Parent Portal (including HS siblings and music students). Space is limited as we will use an indoor venue for Homework Club and in wet weather. 

14:15-15:15 Homework Club

15:15-16:15 Outdoor play

(Fridays: No Homework Club; Aftercare supervision starts 13:30)

Aftercare charges will be billed to your school fees account, and there will be a late fee for pickups after 16:15.  

How to book

You will need to log onto EdAdmin through the parent portal.

 Click here for parent portal link. Please note: You cannot book a spot via the EDANA app.  Click on the ECA tab and follow the directions.  You will need to sign up for each day that you would like your child to attend aftercare.  If you are unable to sign up it means that aftercare is full on that day.


Term One: