ISCT sees sports and the development of students in this area as an integral part of the child’s life and therefore a necessary inclusion in the school’s programme.

There is a combination of sporting activities at the school. Some codes are offered by the school where either teachers and/or outside coaches take responsibility for the coaching. There are also the private activities which the school organises on behalf of the parents, but where parents are financially responsible to the coaches concerned.

The school is used as the main base for all the codes of sport offered, but outside venues, example, the Military Base and Villagers Squash courts, are also used to accommodate certain codes.

It is the school’s policy that students sign up for at least one after school activity. In the primary school this will commit them to one afternoon per week with matches, where applicable, requiring them to avail themselves for a second afternoon. In the High school, students commit themselves to two afternoons per week. As matches are arranged for most of our codes, the second session is generally a match day.