2010 (November) ISCT does it again – Brilliance awards

The High School staff at the International  School of Cape Town have been on something of a high this week as we have shared in the glory of our AS and A level students’ successes.

Their IGCSE results a couple of years back were a good indicator that we were in for a good set of results and, to their credit, the A level classes of 2010 also had a good work ethic. This, along with the excellent teaching received by our staff,  meant that we have three out of the full complement of 16 AS students achieving straight As and another two achieving 3 As and a B. Our top A level student, Matthew Winfield, achieved a startling 3 A*s for Mathematics, Biology and English Literature. No mean feat!

In Mathematics, 6 out of our 13 AS entries achieved A grades and in English Language /Literature 7 out of 14 students did the same. This is unprecedented at ISCT. Our ‘bottom’ end was also encouragingly very small as our 99% pass rate (A –E grades) shows.  In fact 61% of our individual syllabus entries gained A and B grades!

All in all, this has been a bumper year, we are proud of our wonderful 2010 class, wishing them all the best as they go on to tertiary heights. They have set a new ISCT standard that will be quite a daunting challenge to meet or beat! We, at ISCT, (at this heady moment, anyway) feel up to the challenge!