High School

high school parents, please note

The high school alternate-day programme will continue from 6 July (Term 3).

Each group will have a five-day teaching cycle over a two week period. They will have six lessons a day, starting at 08:00 until 15:00.

  • Group 1 consists Year 7EB, 8JJ, 9GH, 10MH and 12LS
  • Group 2  consists of Year 7RT, 8RB, 9PD, 10EdM and 13MR.

Year 11’s return to school on Monday the 6th of July and will be involved in a Leadership programme until Thursday the 9th of July.
Interviews will take place on Thursday afternoon and on Friday.
Their AS classes will resume on Monday the 13th July.

Paul Moore, Director of Student Affairs

We will continue to post lessons on Google classroom and share video recordings for those students not able to attend school.

Our Year 11 students, who would in normal circumstances have still be in the middle of writing their IGCSE examinations, will take part in an Introduction to A-levels online programme from 1 June to early July. They will start their formal AS classes about a month earlier than usual on 13 July. Their Grade awards will be published by Cambridge Assessment International on 11 August.

The AS Leadership programme begins on 6 July and runs for one week. Interviews to confirm AS subject choices will be held from Wed 8 to Fri 10 July either as physical meetings or via Zoom

Sarah Everett ( High School Learning Support and Counsellor) is available for any questions or concerns during this time and can be contacted on s.everett@isct.co.za .

We suggest that students:

  • Have a designated work area that is relatively free from disturbances. Students should not have their phones with them during lesson time.
  • Login to Google Classroom soon after 08h00 each morning to view the lesson material and resources for the day.
  • Read the lesson instructions carefully and make sure that you understand the aim of the lesson.
  • Create a to-do list or use Google Calendar to plan your school day.
  • Please email your teacher if you require assistance. 
  • Work through the lesson carefully, submitting any tasks or assignments punctually on Google Classroom as instructed by your teacher.

TimeTable is available here

Dates to diarise:

  • Start of Term 3 Monday 6 July