ISCT & e-learning

ISCT is a school that aims to use the best methods of teaching to enhance the learning of students. Technology has become increasingly integrated into teaching and research clearly shows the benefits of this. So at ISCT we use a pedagogy that embraces 21st century skills and we strive to provide a technology infrastructure that supports learning in order to prepare students for life beyond school.

Apart from a dedicated IT lab with 25 PCs for classes to use, a variety of technology is used by staff and students according to what is best appropriate to the task. It is standard for staff to have an iPad and for each classroom to have a computer and data projector and additionally staff may use interactive whiteboards.

Technology has become increasingly part of not only the lessons but into the school life and functioning. As an example, Google Classroom (part of the Google Apps for Education suite) is used to make the lesson content readily available as well as making communicating and receiving assessments easier.

In 2014 iPads were introduced into the school for 1 to 1 as well as group use. All students from Year 4 and up are encouraged to have their own iPad although and the school has supplementary iPads for those who don’t. As with the use of all technology, iPads are a tool in the teacher’s toolbox and the focus will always remain on using the best tool to effect the desired outcome, be that a pencil, a calculator or an iPad. The use of iPads in education is a continually evolving one (as is the world we live in) so we are committed to continue to research ways in which technology can effectively be used by students.