Woodland Heights (KS2 & High School)

Woodland Heights is the original ISCT campus and is home to Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6) and High School (Years 7-12/13). It was originally a very large house which was built 1920s, and many of its beautiful features can still be seen around the building. Many people remember it as a training centre for Caltex at the end of the last century.

ISCT has been at Woodland Heights since 2002. The school grew significantly since then and it soon became clear that in order to continue the double stream intake, new premises were needed. In 2016 Key Stage 1 moved to their own campus, Struben House.

Woodland Heights has had extensive changes made to it to make it suitable for a school. However it has retained its ‘home from home’ feel which adds so much to the character of our school. Many who come through its doors say it reminds them of Hogwarts – except the staircases don’t move! We do think there is a little bit of magic in the air though…

The campus has terraced gardens which accommodate break time play and some of the younger extra murals. For the older students and for certain sports codes, the students are taken to sports facilities in the area for practices and matches or galas.