(Forms & fees)

The International School of Cape Town is not subsidised in any way by the State.

To ensure high standards of education, class size is limited to 20-24 students per class, depending on year group.

School fees include all textbooks and educational materials. Our fees are set at a level, which covers operating expenditure and capital development is covered by a R8500 non-refundable placement fee. Tuition fees are in line with other member schools of the Independent Schools Association of South Africa.

Parents interested in enrolling their children are invited to arrange an interview with the Admissions Officer to visit the school and meet with the relevant Key Stage Head in the Primary School or the Director of Studies in the High School.

Upon initial enquiry, applicants will be provided with School admissions information, usually including a school brochure, fees information leaflet, appropriate curriculum information leaflet(s) and an application form. Applicants will also be advised of the appropriate criteria for admission.

Appropriate placement tests will take place once an application form, together with R600 registration fee, is received by us.

A formal letter of admission or notification of regret will subsequently be issued to parents. Upon receipt of a letter of acceptance of the place, return of the required contractual and information documents, and proof of payment of the Placement Fee the student’s name will be formally added to the School roll.

For more information please contact:

Bronwyn Arnold, Admissions & Marketing
Telephone: +27 (0) 21 763 5300
or email:

For external candidate examination queries contact:

Nicole Langtry, School Administrator
Telephone: +27 (0) 21 763 5311
or email:

Relevant documentation required in the entry process can be downloaded in PDF format from the links below.