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ISCT Cambridge Academic Successes to Celebrate in our 20th year

University Recognition Worlwide

The Cambridge International Exams (CIE) allow our students to enter tertiary education anywhere in the world. The following is required for acceptance into tertiary education institutions:

Entrance requirements for South African universities and colleges:

In order to gain entrance into a tertiary institution in South Africa, a student must have a matriculation exemption certificate (know as a ‘matric’ certificate or simply ‘matric’).

The Matric Board requirements for this exemption are as follows:

For more information about Cambridge Examinations and SA university entrance please click here .

Application guidelines:

All grades must have been achieved in two examination sittings.

Full Exemption

2 A-levels (grades A-E) + 3 IGCSEs (grades A-C) OR 3 A-levels (grades A-E) + 1 IGCSE (grades A-C)

which must include:

  • English Language
  • A second language ( at IGCSE or AS level)
  • Any other subject which could be taken at a South African school

OR 4 AS-levels (grades A-D) + 1 IGCSE (grades A-C)

which must include:

  • English (as a first or second language)
  • A second language (as above)
  • Two subjects from two groups of subjects given below + one other subject

GROUP III: a third language, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, or Physics.

GROUP IV: Art, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Geography, History, Mathematics, Music, or Physics.

GROUP V: Accounting, Business Studies, Computing, Design and Technology or Further Mathematics (only if accompanied by IGCSE Maths C grade).

Other facts

All students writing foreign examinations are considered under immigrant status, which means that they do not need an official South African language as a second language.

  • Matriculation without exemption (for certificate and diploma courses)
  • 2 AS-levels (grades A-E) + 3 IGCSEs (grades A-C)
  • OR 2 AS-levels (grades A-E) + 5 IGCSEs (grades A-E)
  • OR 1 A-level (grades A-E) + 5 IGCSEs (grades A-E)
  • OR 1 A-level(grades A-E) + 3 IGCSEs (grades A-C)

In addition to the Matric Exemption, Universities also have a points systems, based on subject choices and grades acheived. Students wishing to enter a particular field of study require enough points for that chosen field. The ISCT Director of Studies will be able to provide further information about points, alternatively the University websites will have the same information.

Entrance requirement for Foreign Universities (please do confirm this with your choice of university):

United Kingdom

  • 3 A-levels

United States of America

  • 12 years of schooling (including High School)
  • SAT I and SAT II


  • HIGCSE or 4 AS-levels or 3 A-levels